It’s Your First Time To Own A Cat

You feel ecstatic while you take her to the cat sanctuary you’ve created especially for her. Watching your cat enjoy her scratching posts, toys, and litter box pays off all your hard work.

As she hops into the litter box to do her business, you give her privacy. After turning your back, you hear rustles and scratches. You check on it only to see your cat digging in the litter box to cover her waste.

Wow, that’s something interesting, right? Which leads you to ask, “Why did my cat just cover his poop?”

Why Does Your Cat Cover Their Waste?

One reason why feline lovers prefer cats over dogs (Please don’t get us wrong. We love them equally!) is that cats are so independent. They are low-maintenance and can take themselves to the bathroom. Yes, you don’t need to scoop poop as they leave the job half done!

So, why do they cover or bury their wastes? Do they feel embarrassed about the bad smell? Or do they just hate seeing their droppings because it looks unpleasant? Let’s jump right in!

They Are Being Submissive

If your cat covers her waste in the litter box, it’s her way of saying she acknowledges you as her master in the house whom she doesn’t want to upset. It’s an act of submission. That’s sweet!

For you to completely understand, let’s take a quick trip back to the old times…

It all started from their history in the wild, where smaller and weaker cats who are submissive cover or bury their waste to avoid threatening the dominant cats. This is because dominant cats such as tigers, lions, leopards, and jaguars who fight for their territory don’t hide their waste to mark the territory as theirs. 

Cats Like To Be Clean

Cats are the epitome of cleanliness. Covering their business is a natural feline instinct. They want to keep themselves and their environment as clean as possible.

They Want To Cover Their Tracks

All cat poop smells the same for us, humans, but for cats, they can easily tell the difference between their droppings and those of other cats. This is because pheromones are present in their excrement, which reveals their presence to the other dogs or cats in the house.

To hide her whereabouts and prevent her scent from attracting unwanted attention from potential predators around, she covers her waste. Witty kitty!

Summing Up

Cats make great companions. Knowing that these little balls of fur maintain such advantageous lavatory habits is just one out of a hundred reasons why we’re fond of them. However, if your cat doesn’t have the natural burying instinct, it’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with that (except for the stinkiness). You can always train them in doing so.

Now that we’ve answered your question, don’t you want to surprise your beloved felines with treats as a reward for helping you finish your job in no time? Go and send them our love too!


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