Picking A Cat Litter Can Be Pretty Overwhelming. 

There are endless alternatives, and they all offer various preferences. The most common litter you will find in the cat litter isles is a clay-based formula. 

For the wellbeing and prosperity of our kitty companions, it’s essential to realize the feline litter composition for each sort and how well clay and silica litters manage scent, residue, scooping and other litter box-related issues.

In this article, we’ll highlight why silica cat litter is overall the superior option due to the various features it provides, such as low tracking, less smell, and less messy cleanups, and which brand is highest-ranked in the market. 

Silica Litter vs Clay Litter

Clay litter is made up of absorbent clay known as sodium bentonite. It resembles sandy dirt and is used in a variety of ways, sometimes to plug holes, as a natural sealant and a few more interesting ways. Cat owners will know that clay litter is clumpy, smelly and messy.

On the other hand, silica litter is composed of gel crystal made from sodium silicate sand that is combined with oxygen and water. This combination creates bead-like molecules with tones of pores that enable it to absorb around 40 times its weight in liquid. Silica litter does not clump so makes for easier litter box cleaning.

Health Indicator

One great advantage to using a silica based litter, is some brands such as our Scratchy Paw Cat Litter comes with a health monitor, simply check the color of your cats urine to see if they may have underlying health issues.

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Silica Litter vs Clay Litter for Odor Management

Clay litter is not physiologically made up to absorb, instead it clumps up, because of this, unless the clay litter is scented, there is no natural component that helps as an odor repellent. 

Thanks to the amazing absorbing capabilities silica has, bacteria is unable to cling onto anything therefore eliminating any unwanted smells. Fun fact, because silica is so efficient at absorbing any unwanted odors, it can also be used to remove bad scents from shoes, and even keep food fresh. 

Silica Litter vs Clay Litter: Dust Clouds

Cleaning up the litter box is never much fun, but if you add being suffocated by dust on top of that, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

This is perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages to clay litter. Due to its composition, dust forms very quickly once it’s moved around a bit. Mix that with bad odor, and you’ll want to fully gear up every time you have to take on the duty of emptying the litter box.

Oppositely, silica is almost 100% dust-free due to its structure. It will absorb your cat’s waste for up to four weeks, and in doing so will eliminate that signature cat litter odor as well as look clean until you change it out.

Scoop The Poop

Getting down and dirty. Clay litter will clump your cat’s waste together. In order to scoop it out of the litter box, you need to dig around to find it. This causes various issues. As established above, dust, dust, and more dust. Additionally, its’ very easy to over scoop, and waste a lot of the litter as you’re scooping it up. Overall, it doesn’t make for the best experience.

Silica is very simple to use and almost maintains itself. There’s a few instructions that should be followed for the best usage, which are as followed: make sure there is enough litter so that the pee doesn’t hit the bottom of the box too quickly before it has time to absorb; rake it daily to allow moisture to evaporate; scoop up solid waste. You might be shocked to realize that those are the only 3 simple steps to maintain a clean and hygienic silica litter box.

The Choice Is Clear!

As you probably quickly realized, when wondering which to choose Silica Litter vs Clay Litter… Silica-based litter is the way to go for so many obvious reasons. It is easy to use, clean, odor free, and is beneficial for your cat’s hygiene. 

To help you out, we’ve scoured the market to find the best silica litter option, and we’re happy to announce that the ScratchyPaw Cat Litter outdid every other litter we researched. 

It is odor eliminating, it has a preset amount meant to last you whole month, and most importantly, it contains a new technology that turns your cat’s pee a different color depending on their health, making it easy to identify if your cat needs to visit the vet.


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