Bathing 101

After bathing your cat, you sit on the couch and patted yourself on the back as you survived the journey of bathing your kitty who kept on refusing the splashes of water. You feel a bit stressed out as you look at the scratches on your arm he gave you so, you ask yourself “Is bathing the only grooming my cat needs? Will I be able to provide his other grooming essentials properly and hassle-free? Would it be wiser if I’ll have him groomed professionally instead?”

Keep calm and keep reading!

Should I Get My Cat Groomed?

The answer could be yes or no. It depends on you! You should get your cat groomed if you think you can’t deal with the troubles of doing it at home by yourself.

Cats are the epitome of cleanliness. They always groom themselves as they’re naturally capable of doing so. They use their tongues to lick, forepaws to wipe the dirt away, and their teeth to get rid of debris. However, no matter how much they clean themselves, they still need your assistance for proper grooming.

Not All Cats Will Let You Groom Them

If your cat fully cooperates, then you can fulfill your responsibilities as a fur parent by yourself. But this doesn’t happen usually. Some of them will behave while some will act stubborn. Just because your pet keeps on resisting doesn’t mean you should stop there. If that’s the case, you’ll need a professional to do the job.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mainly depend on your cat. Some cat owners who have hectic schedules prefer to get their cats groomed. It’s time-saving!

Benefits Of Professional Cat Grooming

Although grooming your cat improves the bond you have with each other, unfortunately, we can’t deny the fact that not all of us have the luxury of time to do so. Having your cat professionally groomed not only saves a lot of time and effort but also keeps your cat fluffy looking pretty!

Here are the benefits of getting your cat professionally groomed.

Less Shredding, Less Problems

The more frequent your cat gets groomed, the lesser hair he will shed. If you’re living with someone who has allergies, you might consider professional grooming to ensure that everyone in the house can live comfortably with your furry friend. Less shedding also means you’ll save a lot of time managing cat hair on your clothes, sheets, and furniture. 

Nail Trimming

Most likely, a cat’s long nails may negatively affect how he walks, and they could get stuck in sheets and carpets as well. If a nail clipper is not your cat’s friend as he runs every time he sees it, then it would be better to visit the professional groomer.

Fewer Mats, Fewer Hairballs

A cat’s fur is so fine that it could easily get tangled and matted, which is very painful and intolerable. Brushing and trimming regularly work wonders to achieve a healthier coat, healthier length, and to avoid matted fur. This will also prevent your cat from spitting out hairballs due to the ingestion of loose fur.

Take note, de-matting should only be done by a professional! A cat’s skin is extremely thin. You don’t want accidents to happen.

Early Detection Of Skin Parasites

A groomer can effortlessly spot a parasite as they comb through your cat’s hair. This is something many cat owners skip when grooming cats at home. The earlier the detection, the lesser the trouble!

cat grooming

In A Nutshell

If you think you can periodically give the best quality of proper grooming to your cat at home, then you can tackle the task yourself. Nonetheless, if you don’t have the luxury of time and you think you’re not capable of doing so, then you should go for professional grooming.

Keeping your cat clean and well-groomed is an important part of keeping them healthy. By then, hugging, kissing, and petting wouldn’t be too hard to do!


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