New & Improved ScratchyRamp

Now with replaceable carpet!

Cats prefer to scratch carpet and furniture instead of scratching posts, because they like to scratch on sturdy surfaces.

Traditional cat scratchers are flimsy and wobble as your cat scratches. 😾

If you struggle with your cats inappropriate scratching, it is important to provide them with appropriate scratching opportunities, or they will make their own.

ScratchyRamp 2.0

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  • 2 in 1 cat scratcher & ramp
  • 4 Claw Scratching surface
  • Cats preferred Scratchy Angle
  • Help seniors reach high areas
  • 32.5″ L x 14″ W | 2 Heights at 12 & 16″

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Now with replaceable carpet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the ScratchyRamp

You have asked and we listened, the brand new ScratchyRamp 2.0 now comes with replaceable carpet options!

When your cat wears down the carpet, simply pull it out and slip a new one in (additional carpets sold separately)

Note: Replaceable carpets will not work on the previous versions of the Scratchyramp.

The ScratchyRamp 2.0 is 32.5 inches (82cm) in length and 14 inches (35cm) wide.
There are two adjustable heights/Scratchy angles at:
12 inches (30cm)

16 inches (40cm)

The ScratchyRamp 2.0 is offered in one size.

The ScratchyRamp is loved by cats as a cat scratcher, however as this ramp can also assist your dog to reach the bed or couch, many small dog owners find the ramp handy to assist them in reaching high areas.

The bearings and support of the Ramp have been tested to hold weights of up to 65lbs. 

The carpet on the Scratchy Ramp is 1/4 inch thick with a large surface area, offering your cats many areas to scratch once they wear down their favorite scratching spots.&nbsp;&nbsp;While the ScratchyRamp carpet is built to be durable. Scratch damage will depend on the number of cats you own, and how active they are at scratching the ramp.<br><br>We now offer replacement carpets for the ScratchyRamp 2.0&nbsp;<br><br>If you have purchased the previous version of the ScratchyRamp (without replaceable carpet options) and would like a replacement ramp within one year of purchase, please email [email protected] and we will send a new ramp at 50% off with free shipping.&nbsp;

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