Huge Cat Bundle

$347.96 $189.99

Save 54% on the HUGE Cat Bundle!

Bundle Includes:

  • 1x ScratchyRamp
  • 1x Cozy Calming Bed (24″) Grey
  • 1x Cat Litter with Health Indicator
  • 1x Calming Diffuser Starter Kit

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Bundle Includes

ScratchyRamp 2.0

The ScratchyRamp 2.0

The original 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher & Ramp (now with replaceable carpet options)

  • 2 in 1 cat scratcher & ramp
  • 4 Claw Scratching surface
  • Cats preferred Scratchy Angle
  • Help seniors reach high areas
  • 32.5″ L x 14″ W | 2 Heights at 12 & 16″

Cozy Calming Bed

The Pawfect Bed to Ease Your Cat’s Anxiety!
The Cozy Calming Bed™ mimics the comfort of a mothers fur to relieve stress.

  • Made with Vegan faux fur
  • Small Grey – 24″ width
  • Machine washable
cat litter

Cat Litter with Health Indicator

Scratchy Paw Litter is a revolutionary natural cat litter that monitors your cats health.

  • 1 bag per cat per month
  • No stick, no mess litter
  • High absorption and odor control
  • No urine clumping = only scoop solid waste
  • Odor eliminating, and dust free!

Calming Diffuser Starter Kit

The Perfect Diffuser to Ease Your Cat’s Anxiety!
Clinically proven, all natural, Veterinarian recommended.

  • Kit includes wall plug and 1 bottle of oil
  • Reduce Stress with Natural Pheromones
  • Helps with separation anxiety