Coming Home From Work Has Never Been Sweeter When You Know When You Open The Door, Your Little Kitty Is There To Greet You.

As you looked around inside the house to check whether your cat made a mess or not, you stumbled across his water bowl. You realized that the amount of water you poured into the bowl before leaving the house didn’t change a bit.

Uh oh! Is this something alarming?

In an instant, you ask yourself “How much water should my cat drink in a day?”

This is a great question that begs the right answer.

So, let’s dig into it!

How Much Water Should My Cat Drink in a Day?

In a day, your cat should approximately have 60mls/kg of water intake. If your cat weighs 5kg, then he should consume 320mls of water in a day to help the body function properly. You must be thinking about grabbing a measuring cup and pouring the said amount of water but this isn’t the case all the time.

Water from Food Source

A can of a cat’s wet food contains 70-80% water. Your pet might obtain 113-130mls of water from their food, which allows them to drink less water from their water bowl. On the other hand, if you feed your feline dry food, he should drink the amount of water corresponding to his body weight.

Nevertheless, you may seek a vet’s advice once you’re uncertain.

If you’re staying outdoors most of the time and you can’t remind your cat to drink water, then this tip will benefit you. Hydration is one of the major reasons why wet food is preferred by many feline owners as it assures them that their cat is consuming water.

Drinking More Than What is Needed

It’s easy to spot a cat with increased water intake. The most obvious sign is when he makes more trips to the water bowl than his usual routine, which requires you to refill a bit more often.

There’s nothing wrong with increased water intake itself. Environmental factors may have caused his thirst, such as the hot weather. When your cat is more physically active, this could also increase his water intake.

However, if you noticed your cat drinking a lot of water even if it is not hot or he has been a couch potato all day, then there might be a problem you need to be concerned about.

If there’s no apparent reason for your cat to be drinking more water than usual, you need to observe him further.

Excessive thirst could be a sign of urinary tract infection (UTI), diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, or hyperthyroidism. So, as soon as you notice your cat drinking more than usual, it’s time to book an appointment with the vet.

How To Help Your Cat Drink More

When you notice your cat not drinking enough water, this may lead to dehydration. Sticky gums, loose skin, and less urination are just a few of the many signs that your cat is dehydrated. Whether your cat shows some of these symptoms or not, you should keep your beloved pet well-hydrated at all times.

Try putting water bowls in different areas of your house to remind your pet to stay hydrated at all times. Just don’t place water bowls near his litter box as it may negatively affect his appetite. Yes, cats are detail-oriented!

Some cats find water boring and tasteless. Step it up by adding flavor to your cat’s water bowl! You can try adding a little bit of chicken broth to their water. Just make sure everything is low in sodium and doesn’t include onions and garlic.

Finally, other cats love to chill out. You can try adding a few ice cubes into their water and let them enjoy being refreshed.

All these could encourage your cat to drink a sufficient amount of water.

All In All

Feline or human, water flushes the toxins out of our systems. Always make sure that your feline friend is staying properly hydrated. Just like humans, water is essential to survive and to maintain good health. So, go and get your fluffy friends to drink more water, and don’t forget to clean their water bowls regularly!


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