You And Your Family Are Watching Over A Loved One At Her Nursing Home.

As you cherish your time with her, you see her cat jump into her bed. After a couple of hours, your loved one passed on. Later on, as you spend more time with your family, you ponder the same questions.

Can cats sense what’s going to happen to their owner? How can they do that?

How Can Cats Sense What Is Going To Happen To Their Owner?

The answer is most likely, yes; they can sense what’s going to happen to their owner. So, how can they do that?

Before anything else, don’t think of showering your cat with lots of treats and ask her to foretell the future. It doesn’t work that way!

Cats can’t foresee the future but they can sense, see, smell, and hear things humans can’t, which can somehow warn them of what’s about to happen to their beloved owners.

Without further ado, here’s how cats sense what’s going to happen to their owner.

Sense Of Smell And Hearing

Cats have a high sense of smell and hearing, which makes them sensitive to their environment. Usually, they can detect unusual smells and sounds before humans do, such as gas leaks and fires.

Aside from their ability to read human emotions, cats can detect human illness and death as well.

How Can Cats Sense Illness?

Cats can sense human illness because of their heightened sense of smell. When a person gets ill, there will be a slight change in the chemicals in his body, to which cats can sense. They can sense when their owner is having flu, tumor, cancer, seizure, or hyperglycemia attack.

Still not convinced? Here are some anecdotes.

How Do Cats Warn Their Owners?

A woman said that her cat warned her of her breast cancer by repeatedly jumping on her affected breast. Another example was when a man said that his cat made him aware of his lung cancer when his cat kept on dragging her paw down the left side of his body. He had it checked and doctors found a large tumor in that spot.

Now you know that cats are more than just being cute, stuffed animals!

How Can Cats Sense Death?

This might freak you out but some cats can indeed sense death.

Oscar, a therapy cat who lives in the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center can predict the imminent death of the patients by taking a nap beside a dying patient a couple of hours beforehand.

Because of his heightened sense of smell, he can smell the biochemical released by dying cells. According to staff, it seemed like Oscar was trying to comfort and keep the patient company as they approach death.

Coincidence? No. Oscar already “foretold” 25 deaths accurately, which enabled the center to call the patient’s family members as soon as Oscar starts to nap beside the patient to allow them to bid goodbye.

If Your Cat Paws A Spot In Your Body

Just because your cat keeps pawing at a spot on your body doesn’t mean you should worry. Don’t panic! However, if she wouldn’t stop pawing at a spot, you might want to consider having it checked by your doctor. After all, our feline friends are known for saving their owner’s life.

The Verdict

Now you know that cats don’t have superpowers unless you consider their heightened senses as their superpowers! All kidding aside, cats can sense what’s going to happen to their owner by simply sniffing.

So, if you notice your kitty begins to act out of character, having yourself checked by your doctor wouldn’t hurt. At the end of the day, don’t forget to reward your beloved feline with her favorite treats! She deserves it.


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