cat healthy fur

3 Tips To Get Your Cat A Shinier And Healthier Fur

Don’t you wish your cat has a shinier and healthier fur? I’m sure every pet lover would love to have that. However, getting that beautiful and glorious fur does not come easy.

Sometimes, it is part of your cat’s genetic disposition and breed to have a difficult to manage fur. In other cases, your cat’s behavior, medical condition, and routine could contribute to whatever condition his fur may have. That’s why it is great to know some tips on how to keep your cat’s fur shiny, beautiful, and most importantly, healthy.

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How Much Water Should My Cat Drink In A Day?

How Much Water Should My Cat Drink In A Day?

Coming home from work has never been sweeter when you know when you open the door, your little kitty is there to greet you. As you looked around inside the house to check whether your cat made a mess or not, you stumbled across his water bowl. You realized that the amount of water you poured into the bowl before leaving the house didn’t change a bit.

Uh oh! Is this something alarming?

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cat grooming

Should I Get My Cat Groomed?

After bathing your cat, you sit on the couch and patted yourself on the back as you survived the journey of bathing your kitty who kept on refusing the splashes of water. You feel a bit stressed out as you look at the scratches on your arm he gave you so, you ask yourself “Is bathing the only grooming my cat needs? Will I be able to provide his other grooming essentials properly and hassle-free? Would it be wiser if I’ll have him groomed professionally instead?”

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How Are Pets Similar To Humans?

There’s No Doubt: Cats and dogs are the most common domesticated pets in the world. They are amazingly cute, cuddly, and adorable. They keep us company and help us have a more joyful life.

But, what do we see in cats and dogs that we are drawn to them? How are they similar to us?

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Why Do Cats Fluff Up Their Tail?

What Does A Cat’s Tail Say About His Emotions

Cats don’t speak the human language, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t understand them. There are different ways cats express themselves and among them is through their tail.

As a cat owner, you probably have seen how your cat fluffs up their tail. What does this mean? What is it that your cat is trying to tell you? More importantly, what does your cat’s tail say about his emotions?

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friendliest cities for cats

Top 5 Cat Friendliest Cities in the U.S.

Are you looking for some of the cat friendliest cities in the US? If yes, you came to the right place.

Your cat is no doubt a huge part of your family. Whether you want to move to a new city or take a vacation, you want to make sure that your cat feels at home.

Thus, it is not surprising if you also want to consider your beloved cat’s needs and comfort when traveling or living in a new city. Wouldn’t it be nice if a place isn’t just friendly to you, but also to your four-legged friend?

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celebrate with your cat

How Can My Cat Celebrate Holidays With Me?

You both love the holidays and your cat. Of course, you love your cat even more. That’s why you’re thinking, “How can I celebrate the holidays with my furry baby?”

Thankfully, there are a lot of wonderful things you can do and in this article, you will learn some of them. Read on to discover the different amazing ways you’ll enjoy more your holidays with your cat.

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cat winking

Why Does My Cat Wink At Me?

You Looked At Your Cat And He Started To Wink At You. You thought it was nothing, but a few hours later, he did it again!

So, you are now wondering, “What could that mean? Is there any meaning behind my cat’s wink? Is there a special message he wants to convey to me?”

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cat allergies

Can Cats Have Allergies?

You’re taking a walk with your cat, enjoying the beautiful scenery of blooming flowers and budding trees.

You take pictures but you notice your kitty can’t strike a pose as he keeps scratching and biting his skin. Oh no! Now your poor kitty begins to sneeze and cough. You look closely to examine and you see his runny nose, red eyes, and swollen paws.

It was then when you asked yourself, “Can cats have allergies?”

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activities for cats

Activities For Cat Date Night!

Do you know that cats can actually get bored? And when they get bored, they do a lot of things to keep themselves entertained. The problem is, their definition of entertainment can mean destruction to your precious carpets, furniture, electrical cords, and anything around them.

So, what can you do? You simply need a date night with your feline friend and “fur sure,” they’ll love the idea!

But, you may say, “How should I do that? What are the activities that we can do together during our date night?”

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